Commercial Real Estate services

Real Estate Advisory and Commercial Asset Management

Our Real Estate Advisory and Commercial Asset Management Group has successfully created value on behalf of clients for over 25 years. As a result, we take pride in the commitment extended to investors and end-users across markets and industries. We understand that advising clients and managing their assets requires a diversified solutions perspective. Which is why we provide a comprehensive platform of decision making support and managerial services.

valuation analysis

Understanding both the market and investment value of commercial real estate assets are key in making operational and strategic decisions.

hold vs. sell analysis

When considering to divest commercial property assets in pursuit of an alternative opportunity, a hold vs. sell analysis can provide detailed decision making insight.

buy vs. lease analysis

Corporate end-users have many points of consideration when deciding on a business-trade location. As a result, a buy vs. lease analysis can shed a useful perspective.

lease vs. sub-lease analysis

Tenant needs are dynamic in nature and operational changes may require modifications to space use. Therefore, a lease vs. sub-lease analysis can guide the decision process.

financial performance strategy

Capital Accumulation is the foundation of commercial real estate investing, because wealth creation and preservation is normally the goal. Therefore, an ongoing financial performance strategy is imperative in asset management success.