Commercial Real Estate services

Real Estate Investment Sales and Capital Markets

Our Real Estate Investment Sales and Capital Markets Group has successfully bridged the gap between buyers and sellers for over 25 years. At Zureq, we are proud of the commitment extended to investors and end-users across markets and industries. However, we also acknowledge that successful commercial real estate sales transactions require a diversified solutions perspective. Therefore, we provide exclusive representation services for the benefit of buyers and sellers alike.

buyer representation

At Zureq, our Buyer Representation Group dedicates itself to supporting the needs of both investors and owner-occupiers. We understand the inherent differences between acquiring for investment vs. purchasing as an end-user. Therefore, our firm employs decades of experience and diligence to achieve success on behalf of our buyer clients.

seller representation

We understand that investors and owner-users have a variety of reasons for which to own commercial property. Investors acquire commercial real estate for the benefits of cash-flow, equity appreciation, and capital accumulation. However, Owner-Occupiers tend to purchase commercial properties for the functionality it provides to their business operations. With that said, both investor and owner-occupier needs tend to change over time. Each may develop a want or need to divest themselves of all or a potion of their current holdings. As a result, our Seller Representation Group is always prepared to provide clients with decision making support and guidance.